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    Delivery Commitment during Coronavirus

    Dear customer, As we are almost done with the first pandemic wave, WECO has reached stability to almost normal level. Our global teams have been and continue being successful at honoring our customer commitments; most challenges are behind us at this point.

    Welcome Message

    Dear valued business partner, In order to strengthen our market presence and represent WECO in the Quebec and Ottawa Valley areas, WECO Electrical Connectors Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Agence Ricard to its team. Agence Ricard sales team consists of Denis Ricard, Vanessa Ricard and Steeve Bonneau.

    Creating a common corporate culture in its international divisions

    Following changes in the company’s executive suite, WECO was looking to improve the teamwork among its divisions, spread out around the globe. President and CEO Bernard Pinet explains how he managed to convince Canadians, Germans, Asians, Brazilians, Mexicans and Tunisians to adjust their practices and create a uniform corporate culture for WECO.

    Declaration of Conformity - KOBE Steel

    In October 2017, Kobe Steel Ltd of Japan released a statement via the press that disclosed that employees of the company had tampered with product specifications for at least a decade and that this included the false certification of the material strength and durability of their products. See more

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    950-LH (-DS)

    • Millions of parts successfully installed! Customers are delighted!
    • Specially designed to allow effective potting of PC boards
    • Ideal when the terminal block is mounted on PCB edge and wire clamping area is facing outside of the board.
    • Available in 5.0 mm Pitch
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